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What Is Family Law Mediation? 

It is expensive and time-consuming to litigate divorce and post-divorce disputes in South Carolina involving child custody, visitation, property division, spousal support, relocation and modification.

Mediation is an affordable alternative to litigation that allows the parties to exert more control over the outcome and settle their disagreements while avoiding the cost, time and stress associated with a protracted courtroom battle. It is also a valuable way to minimize the emotional burden of divorce and preserve fragile family relationships.

In Mediation, Parties Work With A Neutral Third Party Outside Of Court

In mediation, both parties and their attorneys work with a neutral mediator to negotiate an amicable settlement. The mediator assists the parties in coming to a resolution, usually by carrying offers of settlement back and forth between the parties. The mediator does not make any final decision in the matter and does not give advice to either party. 

Mediation often ends in settlement of at least some of the contested issues, saving the parties time and money because fewer issues will have to be litigated in court later on. If some contested issues remain after mediation, the parties are free to continue settlement negotiations through their attorneys and/or prepare to resolve the case at trial.

Help From A Certified Family Court Mediator

At Ballinger Law Firm, we are always on the lookout for ways to resolve our clients’ cases in the most cost-effective manner. We assist those in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, as well as, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties

Founding attorney Beverly K. Ballinger is a Certified Family Court Mediator. She is able to settle most cases that go to mediation. However, in the unusual circumstance where mediation is either not successful or would not be beneficial, Beverly Ballinger has 33 years of litigation experience to zealously and effectively advocate for her client should the case go to trial.

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