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Helping You Protect Your Assets

A divorce can be an emotionally trying time. While you are sorting out how to face a new chapter of your life, the possibility of losing your hard-earned assets can be a source of considerable stress. For high net worth individuals, it is crucial to enter divorce proceedings with an attorney who will put your best interests first.

At Ballinger Law Firm, our founding attorney boasts more than 33 years of legal experience. Our exclusive emphasis on family law allows us to best serve our clients throughout the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas.

Navigating The Complexities of Property Division

In South Carolina, all property that is acquired during a marriage may be eligible for division. Couples who possess sizable assets often face more complex negotiations than those of a typical divorce. Our firm can help you seek to protect your:

  • Business interests
  • Real estate holdings
  • Investment and retirement portfolios
  • Overall lifestyle

In a high-asset divorce, preparation is paramount. Attorney Beverly K. Ballinger can offer an approach that suits your specific needs and goals. By determining what is important to your post-divorce life, you can better position yourself for a more favorable outcome.

As a certified family court mediator, attorney Ballinger can also help you and your spouse reach a more amicable resolution. While litigation is sometimes necessary, avoiding the courtroom may be beneficial to your interests.

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