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Do You Need Help Modifying A Support Or Custody Agreement In South Carolina?

A divorce represents a significant change in your life. As you and your former spouse move forward, it is possible that your financial situations may evolve. As your needs in the future may be different than those of the present, a modification may be a necessary maneuver.

At Ballinger Law Firm, we understand that everyone’s circumstance is different. Founding attorney Beverly Ballinger routinely assists clients in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston areas, as well as, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties, as they seek to modify support or custody agreements.

When Can A Party Modify A Settlement Agreement?

A modification can be a useful tool. As a settlement agreement made today may not be applicable to the fact in five years, a modification can help you account for major changes to your living or financial situation. Some instances where a modification can make sense include:

  • You or your spouse cohabitating with a new partner, making it possible to cancel spousal support    
  • A change in employment that may warrant an adjustment to child or spousal support
  • A living arrangement shift that may call for a closer look at an existing custody agreement

To get a better understanding of your options, it is often helpful to speak with a family law attorney. At our firm, we can help you get a clearer picture of your situation before ultimately deciding if a modification may be right for you.

Skilled Help In Enforcing Family Law Orders

We also provide guidance to those seeking to enforce current arrangements, as well as those resisting impractical terms.

Financial difficulties can and do arise. When these occasions present themselves, frustration can mount for both parties in a divorce or custody agreement. At our firm, we offer assistance to those who are seeking what they are owed, as well as those who want relief from untenable court orders. We understand that these can be contentious, delicate matters, and we always aim to serve our clients’ best interests.

Find Out What Our Firm Can Do For You

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